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Jon Standing


Jon is a Structural Geology and Mapping specialist who holds a BSc (Hons) and MSc (Thesis) from the University of Western Australia. He brings over 30 years industry experience to Model Earth, including over 20 years in consulting (Fluid Focus, Jigsaw Geoscience & ME).
Jon has substantial experience in metals exploration and mining within domestic and international locations and has been directly involved in many significant discoveries worth Billions of dollars to his Clients.


Mark Munro

Senior Consultant

Mark has a PhD in Structural and Metamorphic Geology from James Cook University, Queensland. As a three-year post-doctoral researcher at the University of Western Australia he studied the mineralisation, alteration, and structure of Au deposits throughout the Yilgarn Craton. In addition to his field and structural knowledge, he is a 3D modeler and has practical experience in varied precious and base metal (Ni-Cu) projects throughout Australia and in South Africa. He is experienced in a range of deposit types across greenschist to granulite facies terranes.

adrian 2021.jpg

Adrian Corvino

Senior Consultant

Adrian specialises in mapping of geological structures, deformation analysis, and orebody delineation in deformed rocks. He has contributed to industry and research mapping projects in Australia, Antarctica (5 trips), Scotland, Papua New Guinea, Namibia, Laos and Indonesia. His terrane experience spans Archaean metamorphics to recent arc-volcanics, including structurally focussed work on migmatite, slate fold belt, granitoid intrusive-related, and epithermal ores.


Ian E Neilson

Co - Founder

Ian is a structural geologist, with significant exploration and mining experience in orogenic gold, porphyry copper, base-metal deposits throughout the world through his consulting over the past 19 yrs. Ian specialises in the application of cost-effective practices through the development of a series of integrated exploration mineral systems of models from the deposit to district-scale, economic (Value) models as well as the reconciliation and auditing of current exploration resource models. He has worked for Newmont, First Quantum Minerals, BHP, Newcrest Mining, Placer Dome, KCGM and many more. Ian is currently involved as Senior Consultant and is part owner of First AU’s (ASX:FAU) Victorian Gold Project, Haunted Stream.


Harry West

Consultant Geologist

Harry is a structural geologist holding a BSc in geology and geophysics and MRes in geology from Macquarie University. He has over 8 years experience working across a range of projects in mining and greenfields exploration, primarily in base and precious metal deposits, including komatiite-hosted Ni and IOCGs. Harry 's interests lie in structural geology and modelling, particularly in polydeformed, high metamorphic grade terranes.


Francois Voute

Consultant Geochemist

Francois is a geochemist holding a PhD from the University of Western Australia in the field of economic geology. He is particularly interested in applying research to solve significant challenges in mineral exploration and geometallurgy. Over the past ten years, Francois has gained strong experience in brownfields to greenfields exploration of Au, Cu-Au and polymetallic deposits in Western Australia, South America and Europe. Specifically, Francois is able to conduct geochemical data analysis and comprehensive petrological, mineralogical and chemical studies on a wide range of geological material. His ability to characterize and quantify ore mineralogy has proven particularly beneficial to assist process control and plant optimization. When combined with structural studies, his interdisciplinary approaches enable him to effectively discern pathfinder minerals and elements that can be used as vectors towards mineralization.


Carl Brauhart

Senior Consultant

Carl is an exploration geologist with over 30 years of experience in gold and base metal exploration, spending much of that time working in frontier areas of Western Australia on grassroots projects. He is interested in geochemistry, both exploration geochemistry and ore deposit geochemistry, and has a passion for fieldwork, particularly mapping. Carl has maintained a close relationship with the Centre for Exploration Targeting at University of Western Australia, where he is the lead researcher on the OSNACA Project (an ore deposit geochemistry research effort).

Sumail cover.jpg


Consultant Geologist

Sumail is a 'boots on the ground' structural geologist with a PhD from the Centre for Exploration Targeting at The University of Western Australia. His expertise includes extensive field and academic experience focused on orogenic gold deposits in the Yilgarn Craton. In addition to structural geology, Sumail specializes in petrological, mineralogical, and chemical studies applied to economic geology. His passion lies in integrating structural geology and mineral systems analyses to evaluate deposit frameworks. Sumail is deeply passionate about rocks and enjoys sharing his knowledge with others.

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